There's something about us

Because professional portraits would be silly

Because professional portraits would be silly

We’re Tobi & Lukas, or Lukas & Tobi, or @jemus42 and @Unsichtbarer, or MarauderPixie and jemus42, or something like that.

Studying at Uni Bremen, we realized that throwing code at data was a fun thing to do, and conveniently enough there seems to be a lot of that stuff flying around these days.

While we’re finishing up our (now second) degrees, we dabble in a few projects here and there, and you might find them mentioned here.

Lukas has a blog with the things and the stuff going, but he’s still failing to convince Tobi that setting up a blog is a good idea.


Here’s a more-or-less complete list of our projects, both as a starting point for interested observers, and also as a reminder for ourselves so we don’t forget about something we meant to get back to. Looking at you, Zombology.


tadaatoolbox (CRAN / GitHub): Written while we were still undergrads and needed some convenience tools to help with our activities as stats tutors and minor projects we were doing. It’s definitely not recommended for active use in the real world.

Analysis Projects